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System Integrity - DIMP Requirements & Cross Bores

DIMP requirements bring new focus to Cross Bore

Key Elements of DIMP

  1.  Corrosion
  2. Natural Forces
  3. Excavation Damage
  4. Other Outside Force Damage
  5. Material or Weld Failure
  6. Equipment Malfunction
  7. Inappropriate Operation
  8. And any other concerns that could threaten the integrity of the pipeline

Cross Bores and DIMP, Same Goals  -  Safety

  • Integrity of gas distribution system is compromised if a cross bore is in a sewer line
  • Subsequent sewer cleaning efforts can cut gas line allowing pressurized gas to flow into structure with resulting explosion, injury and damage.
  • Risk analysis for cross bores is prudent.
  • Where a risk of cross bores is determined, often where trenchless installations have been made, verifications are appropriate
  • Proactive evaluation and inspection has been found to be cost effective.
  • Where evaluation is appropriate, visual confirmation is most widely accepted methods. CCTV cameras or potholing have proven effective.
  • Data management to offer long term availability of risk evaluations and verification inspections is essential to a successful program.