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Leading Practices for Cross Bore Risk Reduction have been published.

The document is available to members of Cross Bore Safety Association and members of participating organizations and those which are referenced within the document. Regulatory and educational organizations have authorized access.

Participating and Referenced Organizations:

American Gas Association, AGA
American National Standards Institute, ANSI
American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE
Association of Equipment Manufactturers, AEM
Arizona State University, ASU
British Columbia One Call, BC One Call
Common Ground Alliance, CGA
Canadian Common Ground Alliance, CCGA
Commonwealth of Kentucky
Cross Bore Safety Association, CBSA
Distribution Contractors Association, DCA
Gas Technology Institute, GTI
National Assoc. of Sewer Service Contractors, NASSCO
National Resources Conservation Service, U.S.D.A.
National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB
North American Society for Trenchless Technology,NASTT
U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S.D.O.T.
SAE International, SAE
University of Waterloo

Catch the Presentation of the Leading Practices at these upcoming following Conferences:

UCT              -    Ft. Worth, TX          - January 28, 2020
CGA811       -    Palm Springs, CA    -    March 24, 2020 
NoDig           -    Denver, CO                -    April 8, 2020

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Attend the Presentation of the:

Leading Practices for Cross Bore Risk Reduction
at these upcoming conferences:

UCT - Ft. Worth, TX, January 28, 2020

CGA811 - Palm Springs, CA,
March 24, 2020 

NASTT NoDig - Denver, CO,
April 8, 2020